Endangered Industries

Career Survival Kit

Everything You Need To Know About


As Over 73 Million U.S. Jobs Disappear by 2030

Don’t Get Left Behind

If you're like most Americans right now, your "new normal" never came, and despite the fact that some people look refreshed from those months of lockdown, you're not.

We bet you've been feeling pretty anxious lately.

You spend most days stressed over your bank account balance, wondering how long you can keep paying for these expensive groceries and gas prices.

The news isn't helping you feel any better. They're selling DOOM AND GLOOM reports like they're going out of style.

You know that in order for you and your family to get to a place of comfort... heck stability, you need to make a move right now.

The problem is that you're so bogged down with the cares of life that you have no energy to dig yourself out of this ditch that you feel like you've fallen into.

You're at the point where the highlight of your week is laying on the couch (or in bed) and scrolling for hours through the feed of your favorite social media platform, or watching TV.

I get it...

Consider This a Wake Up Call

The Endangered Industries Career Survival Kit will share with you information that MOST PEOPLE have never heard. Large scale job losses are already happening and will continue to happen as the world continues to experience global disruptions. Don't be distracted with the daily news cycle. Refocus and do what you need to do to secure your future and the future of your family.


What You Get

Resource 1

Endangered Industries Masterclass

The Endangered Industries Masterclass will break down everything you need to know about today's economic disruption, how it'll impact you, and how to avoid becoming a disposal member of society as big companies choose tech over humanity.

Resource 2


Career Shift Playbook

Don't wait until it's too late. Get a full breakdown of the industries that will be extinct in the next few years. No matter what generation you're in, you MUST get this information so that you can move quickly and control your future livelihood.

Resource 3

Side Hustle How-To Guide

It may be time to consider bringing in extra income, but if you've been a 9-5er for any period of time, you're probably intimidated at the thought of launching out on your own. Get the ultimate guide to help you start making additional income to help make ends meet during the recession.

Resource 4

1 Year Career Pivot Planner

Realize that you need to make a career pivot? Don't just start applying for new jobs randomly. Create a strategy that will help you accelerate your chances for success and stay competitive in today's economy. Get a 12-month Playbook that outlines everything you need to do each week to pivot with purpose.

Plus... These Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus 1

Billion Dollar Blue Collar Jobs List

Oddly enough, the industries that were named "essential" during the pandemic, are some of the most thriving industries today. Learn about the blue-collar career pathways that could guarantee career security during the recession and beyond.

Bonus 2

2024 Career Protection Plan

There are simple daily actions that you need to take as a professional to increase your chances of staying gainfully employed as layoffs continue to increase on our road to 2030. Learn what those things are and start taking steps to protect your career today.

Bonus 3

LinkedIn Made Easy Masterclass

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for leverage as the world sees major economic disruptions. Stop being scared to engage. This is the #1 social media platform that you need to have right now. Learn exactly what to do to get your profile and networking skills tight in no time.

Endangered Industries Creator

Dr. Brandi Baldwin, PhD

Dr. Brandi Baldwin is an international organizational consultant, speaker, author, and CEO of Millennial Ventures. She is passionate about helping professionals create new systems of success to improve their personal and professional lives.